How To Read Candlesticks ? Ultimate Guide

how to read candlesticks ultimate guide

Candlesticks are like oxygen for a trader, knowing how to read candlesticks can take your trading game to a next level. In this article, We will learn about how to read candlesticks, what are candlesticks, and significance of candlesticks. Read completely, if you do, you will sign out with a lot of information and learning … Read more

What Are Pips In Forex ? Ultimate Guide

What are pips in forex , what is a pip

Every trader’s mind faces these questions at some point of trading career – ‘What are Pips in Forex?’, ‘what is a pip’? Words like Pips, Points, Pipettes, are so commonly used in trading. As a trader, you must know the meaning and calculations behind these terms. Our suggestion is, don’t even start trading without knowing … Read more

Candlestick Patterns – The most powerful ones

Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns

In this post, we are going to see and learn the most powerful candlestick patterns. If you are a trader, then you should include these candlestick patterns in your list of trading strategies. You will find a lot of articles and YouTube videos about candlestick patterns, so what is so special about this post? Well, … Read more

How to make money on Forex ?

how to make money on forex

How to make money on Forex?  Hello Trader, Hope all is well with you. Can You make money with forex ? How to make money on Forex ? How to always be in profit in forex trading? These questions themselves are a million dollar ones! A lot of people contact us asking these exact same … Read more


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