The Evening Star Candlestick Pattern – Trading Guide

evening star candlestick pattern meaning

In this blog post we are going to learn about ‘the evening star candlestick pattern’ We will see what is this pattern, and how to trade evening star candlestick pattern. Let’s go deep into trading evening star candlestick pattern. What is Evening Star Candlestick Pattern? Evening Star Candlestick Pattern Meaning: The evening star candlestick pattern … Read more

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis: Which is better for trading?

Fundamental analysis Vs Technical Analysis

When it comes to online trading, there are two main schools of thought when it comes to analyzing the markets: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. So, which one is better? Technical analysis relies on looking at past market data to try and predict future market movements. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, looks at factors … Read more

Different Type of Traders: Which One is You?

type of traders explained

There are many different type of traders, and each one has a different way of approaching the market. Some people trade for the long term, while others trade for the short term. Some people trade based on technical analysis, while others trade based on fundamental analysis. No matter what type of trader you are, there … Read more

Forex vs Stocks: The 2 Pillars of Trading

Forex vs Stock trading

When it comes to trading, there are a lot of different options out there. But two of the most popular choices are forex and stocks. So, what’s the difference between forex vs stock? And which one is better for you? Difference Between Forex and Stocks Trading Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences between … Read more

Stochastic Oscillator – Ultimate Guide

Stochastic Oscillator Settings best

What is Stochastic Oscillator ? stochastic oscillator is currently one of the massively used and popular momentum indicator by many traders. The traders use it to identify the possible reversal points in the market. However, even if it is popular, most of the traders do not have a clear understanding of the stochastic oscillator indicator … Read more


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