How to make money on Forex ?

How to make money on Forex? 

Hello Trader, Hope all is well with you.

Can You make money with forex ? How to make money on Forex ? How to always be in profit in forex trading? These questions themselves are a million dollar ones!

A lot of people contact us asking these exact same questions and it is about time Fx-Trading Circle answers them.

read-on below first and then watch the video at the end, we promise you, you will exit with a powerful bundle of rules to make money with forex and to be profitable always in forex trading.


β€œRisk Management fosters vigilance in times of calm and instills discipline in times of crisis.”- Dr. Michael Ong

Above is a quote for you to think and adapt in your trading πŸ™‚ Thank us later πŸ™‚

Can You Make Money With Forex?

This question has two answers; YES and No!

Of course, yes you can make money with forex if you follow certain rules while trading. You should also have enough knowledge before you go Gaga and spread the sh** all over your Metatrader or any trading platform for that matter! Not only in Trading, You cannot dive in any business without having proper knowledge about it.

Of course , No You cannot make money with forex if you don’t design and implement your rules of trading. You will go bankrupt if you don’t have control over mainly two emotions; Fear and Greed! Fear and Greed are the ones who drive markets, A trader who masters them has a high probability of success in forex trading or any online trading.

How to Make money on Forex? and be always in Profit?

This question has no correct answer because every trader is unique, every trade is unique!

But, Hold On! We rarely disappoint you:)

If You follow a set of rules, definitely you can make money on Forex! (watch the below video )

When you started to think to become a trader, what did you do? You chose a broker, opened an account, invested something and started trading as if you are a trading-Batman. Right? Caught you:) Ah! How do we know this? No, we aren’t spying you πŸ˜‰

We know it because, we have been in those shoes, That’s the first mistake every aspiring trader makes, if you still haven’t started trading and reading this, well, congratulations! you just avoided the first mistake every trader makes!

Learn before you invest (of course we will help you in the coming posts for a long time to come), prep yourself before you invest, and most importantly, do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose.

After starting to learn, use a demo account to test and verify your learning and then slowly take up real account trading. If You need help with trading signals, forex signals, gold signals on telegram, then Fx-Trading Circle is always here! Just knock us and we will be happy to let you inside our profitable trading community:)


Good luck and Happy Trading πŸ™‚


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