Trading Signals – Worth the Hype ?


 Doesn’t Matter whether you are an experienced trader or new in the world of Forex,  you must have at least heard of Trading Signals.
In Forex trading, the trade signals are among the essential tools used by the Forex traders for trading purposes.
These signals or calls are used by both the beginners and the experienced traders in various Forex trading practices. This requires you to understand how to trade using these signals. The whole Forex industry runs on trading signals, Well, at least most of it.
So, when Majority of traders depend on trading advice, are they worth the hype? are they beneficial and profitable?
Well, Let’s find answers to these questions in this article. Read on…

SIGNALS – Are they worth it?


The answer is Yes and No. How worth the trading signals are depends on number of factors like track record, accuracy, strategy etc.

Nowadays, believe me, every kid claims to be a ‘perfect trader’ and wants to provide you with his so-called expertise. The whole idea of being a signals provider is lucrative, and in turn, there is a net of scammers in the trading industry.

So, does that mean you shouldn’t use trading advice? No! trade signals are very helpful if they come from a genuine provider

Read on below to know more about how to select the best signals provider.


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How to Determine the Best Trade signals ?

The quality of the trading signals will either help you make profits or make losses. Everyone can use these signals, be it a newbie or an experienced trader because they do not require many skills when applying them.
The signal selection is essential, and it is advisable to check various factors before selecting the signal to trade with. To select the best signals for Forex trading, you should consider the following factors:

The Free Trial:

The best signals provider always provides free trials for the traders to test on the quality of the signals. You should be able to sign up for free and test the trade advice.


Time zone:

Before you start trading, you should always check on the trade signal providers’ time zone. This ensures that the trade calls you are using will run when you are comfortable or when you are already awake.


selecting the best signal providers in Forex trading is one of the most challenging task ever, especially if you are not experienced in Forex trading. On many occasions, the beginners always found themselves landing into the trading scams.
A good Trade calls provider will have an accuracy of at least 60% or higher. This means that you should always try to select the traders with great history compared to the new traders whose trading results are just skewed.


A provider should be transparent and honest. No one can all the trades, so what is the shame in showing the lost trades as well right? but majority of them are ‘good marketers’ but not ‘good traders’.
Do not fall for marketing gimmicks! fall for expertise – and how to identify the expert trading advicers? use the above factors to judge.


In Forex or any other market, you can decide to use the trading signals to trade with and generate profits. The decision of selecting them should depend on your ambitions and the goals. The main risk of selecting the trade calls providers is that a third party massively influences most trading decisions. It is you who takes the full responsibility of being a Forex trader.
This means that every time you generate profits, you have to enjoy the full profits on your own but the other side on the occurrence of the loss, you will incur the full loss and your loss will not be on the provider and no matter what, You cannot blame them.
At the end of the day, it is your money!
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